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Unveiling Our Vision

Devils n Angels is the brainchild of Shilpa Bharat Saraf. Started 15 years back in a small room of her house. The name itself was conceptualized among the family members. We wanted a name to convey the message that it is a store related to kidswear. We couldn't think of a better title with devils denoting the boys and angels what the little girls are all about. So, our journey started with a small collection of surplus garments. Now over a period, Devils n Angels have become a hot favourite and one-stop-shop for all kid's wear needs. Be it casual, party wear or for a wedding in the family. We also have a large collection of kids' accessories like stationary, hair pin-hair band, bags n clutches, sippers, lunch boxes, undergarments, footwear, etc.

So in keeping aligned with our shopping bag "Happy Shopping"

Our Story

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Devils N Angels was primarily a store where we had a collection of surplus export garments of various International Brands sourced from Bangalore and Tirupur. Gradually, as the work grew, we kept upgrading and updating the collection.

Now, Devils N Angels are known for their exclusive party wear collection. Whether it is the 1st birthday, a small party or a family wedding, our clients are confident and satisfied. For years, they have been our loyal customers, which has followed us across generations.




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Our Mission and Values

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At Devils n Angels, we take pride in our approach to customer service. Instead of focusing on salesmanship, we prioritize understanding our clients' needs and catering to them accordingly. We aim to ensure customer satisfaction without pressuring them into buying anything. We have believed in fair pricing and have never resorted to discounting gimmicks or bargaining with customers. All our garments are barcoded and priced, reflecting our commitment to competitive and reasonable pricing. This marketing policy has helped us establish strong trust with our customers.

We have adapted our approach to align with customer preferences as times have changed. While we have always encouraged customers to see the products physically before making a purchase, we now understand that some may prefer the convenience of online shopping, especially during the COVID-19 period. In reply to the requests and demands of our current clients, we have introduced a part of our collection online. Our online offerings are designed to provide the same level of trust and quality customer experience in our physical stores. We believe in building friendly relationships with our customers, considering each guest more than a customer.

We quickly adapt to changing times while maintaining our core values of trust, personalized service, and genuine connections with our customers, whether you shop in-store or online. We at Devils n Angels aim to provide you with the finest collection and a positive shopping experience.